Carolina Wine Brands

Terra D’Aligi

Abruzzo is the region of Italy where we live, the land of Aligi, the land of our wines. Aligi was a shepherd and the main character in “The Daughter of Iorio”, the celebrated work by Gabriele D’Annunzio, the renowned poet from Abruzzo. And this was not by chance: the deepest roots of this region are burrowed in shepherding, grown over time through the centuries old bridleways of the transhumance. Between the highest peaks of the Apennine Mountains – Gran Sasso and Maiella – and the Adriatic Sea, the bridleways unwind through the hills and valleys, traipsing around the vineyards. One of the most typical wines of Abruzzo is dedicated to them, Pecorino. Our grapes ripen in one of these valleys, Val di Sangro. The vineyards of Terra D’Aligi are in the heart of Abruzzo, near Atessa in the region of Val de Sangro. At 690 feet ASL, the climate is Mediterranean, well ventilated, with significant temperature fluctuations. Well-draining soils consist of clay and limestone. Primary grapes cultivated here are Montepulciano, Pecorino, Trebbiano, Cococciola and Passerina. Wine is created by the land. Our job is to understand, cultivate and exalt the gifts offered by the land of Abruzzo, respecting its character. Our technique of selective cultivation is based on in-depth knowledge of the terriors. Processing and ageing based on centuries of experience, never betrayed by technology. Our commitment to our land, our most precious heritage. Defending, caring for and protecting it are our primary priorities. A passion for things done right, perfectionism that never settles for the easiest result, even with a dose of nit-picking: these have always been the distinctive traits of our wine-making family, as well as our wines.