CWB is constantly investing in vineyards in Chile’s best wine valleys, in leading edge technology, and in new projects targeting the development of its five brands and ensuring the production of wines of the finest quality. Among the major latest investments are Ultra Premium vineyards in Cauquenes, Casablanca, and Alto Maipo; a new bottling line for sparkling wine; the “Bloque Herencia” R&D project; a new kitchen for Santa Carolina’s event center; and the opening of a wine shop to welcome our visitors.

Investments at a glance

  • • 100 hectares in Cauquenes USD 2 million
  • • 12 hectares in the Casablanca valley: USD 1 million
  • • 100 hectares in Alto Maipo (north bank): USD 1 million
  • • Cellar with storage capacity of 9 million liters and a 15-hectare field in Totihue, Cachapoal: USD 1 million
  • • New sparkling wine bottling line: USD 500,000
  • • Construction of new kitchen for Santa Carolina’s event center: USD 350,000
  • • Bloque Herencia R&D Project: USD 1 million
  • • Viña Casablanca – Advini Joint Venture: USD 9 million