Carolina Wine Brands


The Spinelli company is a family business. This means that everything that really matters is inside the history, deeply rooted in family, tradition, and land, and has been handed down generation to generation. For almost fifty vintages, the love for the vines and the land of Abruzzo has never changed: ‘If we are making good wine for ourselves, why not do it for everyone?’ The company was founded in 1973 by Vincenzo Spinelli. In 1983, his sons Carlo and Adriano joined the business full time. The company’s production capacity increased and the owners started to closely monitor all stages of production, from the selection of grapes through to winemaking and bottling. Carlo Spinelli manages the commercial business: relationships with customers, agents, and import companies, and handles the company's corporate image. He is a natural team player, and works with a group of collaborators and consultants formed over the years. Adriano Spinelli is the winemaking expert and the technical director of the winery. He grew up in the winery among the vats and barrels, If the wine is good, it is in large part to his merit. In the early 1990’s, the company expanded further, acquiring appropriate facilities and state-of-the-art equipment and technology. In the 2000’s the range of wines was expanded and the expansion on the international market increased. Now present around the world, the Spinelli brand has refined its image, collaborated with the best Italian wine experts and intensified research to achive maximum quality. Today, Spinelli produces 7 million bottles of wine annually and is known as one of the main wine producers in Abruzzo and in Italy. The range of products has expanded with a line of spirits. In the end, the beloved Abruzzo wine is symbolic of what is loved most about Italy: history, traditions, food and environment, all faithful to their roots and never betrayed by modernity.